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GLview Inova is a feature-rich, cross-solver post-processor with advanced functionality for visualization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of FEA and CFD data.

GLview Inova runs on almost any hardware, ranging from laptops and desktop computers to high-end workstations, on both Linux and Windows. It supports a number of typical workflows in engineering organizations with heavy use of CFD and / or FEA software tools: visualization and post-processing, verification and inspection, interactive animation and presentation, and import/export from/to commercial CAE applications.



  • File import
    • Support for multiple result databases
    • Support for geometry and results in separate files
    • Ceetron VTF format (open ASCII, open binary, encrypted binary for Ceetron 3D Viewer)
    • Ceetron VTFx format (XML, zip, encryptable, and ASCII or binary)
    • In-house formats (customized import filter required)
  • Supported file readers:
    • ABAQUS
    • ANSYS
    • CGNS data base
    • FEMAP
    • FLUENT
    • IDEAS NX Series
    • LS-DYNA
    • MARC
    • OpenFOAM
    • PTC
    • VTU
  • File export
    • One-click-sharing with the built-in send to cloud feature
    • Export to VTF and VTFx file format for viewing with Ceetron 3D Viewer and the Ceetron 3D Plugin.
    • I-DEAS: ASCII universal file (.unv)
    • STL
    • VRML
    • Still image formats (BMP (Windows), JPG, PNG, EPS, GIF and TIFF and others).
    • Export of all visible views to one image
    • Video: animated GIF, AVI and MPEG
    • Plot: separated text files, VTF plot files
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