CEETRON Analyzer

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Building on GLview Inova, Ceetron Analyzer is the continuation of 20 years of post-processing insight.  It is an all-in-one solution to the multi-solver post-processing needs of the general simulation engineer working desktop-centric: native reading of all major solver formats, FEA and CFD; high performance; stunning visual quality; Python interface for scripting and extensibility; and direct model sharing in the cloud.  Analyzer has superfast rendering, advanced techniques for high quality visualzations such as transparency, textures, lighting and material settings. It has a super easy to use interface but still offering all the features a proper CAE engineer would need to undertand his/her simulation results. And, to our SDK customers: Analyzer is available as source code, thereby reducing the time for creating a sophisticated visualization application from years to months.



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  • Support for multiple result databases
  • Support for geometry and results in separate files
  • Ceetron VTF format (open ASCII, open binary, encrypted binary for Ceetron 3D Viewer)
  • Ceetron VTFx format (XML, zip, encryptable, and ASCII or binary)
  • In-house formats (customized import filter required)


  • Abaqus (*.fil)
  • ABAQUS Input Interface (*.inp)
  • ABAQUS Odb (*.odb) (see below)
  • ANSYS Input Interface (*.cdb)
  • ANSYS (.rst;.rth;*.rfl)
  • CGNS Interface (*.cgns)
  • Ensight (.case)
  • Fluent (.cas/.dat)
  • Femap (*.neu)
  • Ideas UNV (*.unv)
  • LSDYNA Keyword Interface (*.k)
  • LS-DYNA State Database Interface
  • NASTRAN (*.op2)
  • NASTRAN (*.dat)
  • OpenFOAM (*.foam)
  • STL files (*.stl)
  • VTFx and VTF (.vtfx and .vtf)
  • VTK VTM/PVD File (*.vtm,* .pvd)
  • VTU (VTK UnstructuredGrid) (*.vtu)


  • One-click-sharing with the built-in send to cloud feature
  • Export to VTF and VTFx file format for viewing with Ceetron 3D Viewer and the Ceetron 3D Plugin.
  • Still image formats (BMP (Windows), JPG, PNG, EPS, GIF and TIFF and others).
  • Plot: Separated text files


  • Powerful overview and selection of load cases and results to display.
  • Advanced result mapping and handling for efficient interpretation and analysis of results.


  • Support for multiple scalar fields.
  • Scalar results can be displayed as fringes (filled contours) and isosurfaces
  • Mapped onto cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes, particle traces or vectors
  • Result filtering
  • Predefined  color legend schemes. Each scalar field can have its own configurable scalar legend.


  • Vector fields in addition to displacements
  • Displayed as vector arrows
  • Filtering on components or absolute values.
  • Mapped onto cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes and particle traces.
  • Scaling, coloring and draw style can be manipulated
  • Clamping


  • Very fast single state inspection
  • Powerful overview and selection of load cases and results
  • Context menu in 3D window
  • Intelligent model navigation
  • Zoom, rubber band zoom and walk navigation

Operating system requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10,  64-bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise 5 and 6
  • Ubuntu 12.04
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