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Conversion of CAE result files to industry standard VTFx
CAE2VTFx is a command line application for batch-oriented conversion of large volumes of result files to VTFx, in high-throughput and automated simulations workflows. CAE2VTFx is provided for free to SDK licensees already licensed for both Import and Export options.



  • Component structure:
    • Core Component
    • Visualization Component
    • Geometry Component
    • UnstructGrid Component
    • Import Component (sold as separate product)
    • Export Component (sold as separate product)
    • Report Component (sold as separate product)
  • Visualization Component:
    • Viewing
    • Camera
    • 2D overlay items
    • Mark-up mode
  • Geometry Component:
    • High-performance model for efficient handling of many parts
    • Effortless handling of 1M+ parts
    • Efficient effect system for controlling visual attributes
    • Front and back colors and opacity
    • Easy to override effects
    • Full texture support
    • Simple result visualization via textures
  • UnstructGrid Component:
    • High-level interface to data structures, for populating a data model with a native finite element model and results data structures and then applying an extensive set of feature extraction algorithms to the data
    • Support for scalar, vector and tensor results are provided through a high-level programming interface
    • Feature extraction algorithms such as cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes, particle traces and other advanced result presentations.
  • Supported element types: all, including polyhedron
  • C++, C#/.Net and Python
  • Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Linux (64 bit), and Mac OS X
  • Qt, WxWidgets, MFC, and Win32
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