Ceetron frameworks, for use with other Ceetron products

Filling gaps in our product structure

Reading and converting data. Making import and export even easier. Free for Ceetron licencees

There are just two categories of CAE software, right? SDKs for developers and self-contained end user apps for CAE professionals. Everything packaged in a clean product structure. Well, sometimes reality is more fuzzy, with gaps in the product structure or gaps between customer code / customer workflow steps and our code. In such cases we may, typically in response to customer request, deliver code as frameworks. These frameworks only work together with other Ceetron products. Often, they are provided for free to licensees of such products, and you will not find them in our web shop. In this section, we will present some frameworks that seem to respond to generalizable needs in the market.

Discover Ceetron Frameworks:

CAE2VTFx is a command-line application for batch-oriented conversion of large volumes of result files to VTFx, in high-throughput and automated simulations workflows. CAE2VTFx is provided for free to SDK licensees already licensed for Ceetron Import and Export.


Ceetron Data Provider Framework allows you to create plugins for providing CAE data to applications built with Ceetron SDKs, from virtually any CAE-meaningful data source. The framework works with Ceetron’s SDKs for creating cloud-based and desktop-based CAE viz apps.


Ceetron’s free viewers, using the industry-standard VTFx file format, give you all the functionality you’d expect from a proprietary viewer. But they’re not proprietary. No licenses. No configuration. Just the ability to visualize and interact with very large data sets with teammates all over the globe.


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