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Vous aimez le cloud Ceetron, mais vous souhaitez un cloud privé pour des raisons de coût ou de sécurité? Ceetron Cloud Private est identique à Ceetron Cloud, mais sans infrastructure cloud, gestion / authentification des utilisateurs et pile de sécurité.


  • For storing signed VTFx files*
  • On Microsoft Azure
  • Four sharing levels: shareable (through URL, Dropbox-like), public, team, and private
  • Highly secure platform, see https://ceetron.com/cloud-security-for-cae-models/
  • Features available for premium subscribers:
    • Ceetron Analyzer Cloud included
    • Embedding of one’s CAE models in any web page
    • Customizable portals

*) The VTFx format is an open standard and very compact CAE file format that includes all data relevant for visualization purposes: model(s), results, animations and settings, view settings, feature extractions such as cut-planes or iso-surfaces, and annotations.  Signed VTFx files are typically generated by Ceetron Analyzer, GLview Inova, Ceetron Desktop Components-based applications or Ceetron Export-based applications.

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