CEETRON 3D Viewer for Oculus Rift


“Ceetron 3D Viewer for Oculus Rift” est un outil de visualisation gratuit pour des modèles 3D éléments finis FEA et CFD. Comme son nom l’indique il permet de visiter le modèle virtuellement en utilisant des casques VR Oculus Rift. L’interaction est assurée avec les mannettes Oculus Touch pour une expérience saisissante et conviviale.


  • fully interactive VR experience, including animations
  • for Oculus Rig with Touch hand controllers
  • animation control: play forward, play backward, step forward, step backward, stop, and pause
  • rotation, panning, and zooming during animation
  • setting drawing modes and visibility
  • part-, node- and element picking on the model
  • full-screen view
  • import and display of signed VTFx files*
  • support for multiple cases in one file, providing case names and descriptions
  • support for password-protected and encrypted VTFx files
  • data obfuscation through support for relative result values
  • data integrity through read-only access (for recipient) to display parameters and model parameters
  • free distribution

*) The VTFx format is an open standard and very compact CAE file format that includes all data relevant for visualization purposes: model(s), results, animations and settings, view settings, feature extractions such as cut-planes or iso-surfaces, and annotations.  Signed VTFx files are typically generated by Ceetron Analyzer, GLview Inova, Ceetron Desktop Components-based applications or Ceetron Export-based applications.

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