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Transvalor, Forge NxT : Outils de simulation de forgeage

Learn how Transvalor used Ceetron 3D Components to futureproof its investments in Forge—a category leader in software for materials forming simulations.

Transvalor, which is HQed in Paris, France, has 30 years’ experience in the field of models for metal forming, and has a close partnership with the prestigious French Research Centre for Material Forming of MINES ParisTech.  Transvalor had revenues of around Euro 6m in 2013, and has over 50 employees - most of them with a PhD or an MSc in a relevant discipline - and a world-wide customer base of 350 engineering companies with sophisticated numerical simulations needs.

Transvalor’s product portfolio includes Forge NxT for bulk metal forming simulation, Thercast for metal foundry simulation, Coldform for metal cold forming simulation, and Rem3D for 3D for the simulation of injection molding and related processes.

Forge is Transvalor’s flagship product and a de facto standard in the field of bulk metal forming simulation, with modelling support for a wide range of hot and cold forming processes. It is widely used in automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, construction and medical device industries. 

When Transvalor decided to replatform Forge from their existing 3D visualization interface for pre and post-processing, they wanted a GUI and visualization platform that could deliver extreme performance, both in terms of speed and support for large models (typically 1m+ finite elements), a simplified workflow and with inherent futureproofness (with support for cloud-based infrastructures and web-based collaboration).  They also wanted something that could run on any HW, ranging from a simple workstation up to an HPC cluster, and on Windows as well as various Linux variants.  Most importantly, they wanted to replatform from scratch, which meant that the replatforming process had to be predictable in terms of cost and time; this was one giant leap and it had to be right, the first time.

Transvalor started the replatforming process internally in 2010 and made a decision to go for a pre-release using Ceetron 3D Components in 2012, and released Forge NxT v1.0 for general availability in June 2014.  See screen dump to the right of Forge NxT v1.0 (courtesy of Transvalor S.A.).

More info: www.transvalor.com  

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