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MARINTEK, USFOS : Développement post-processeur de visualisation 3D

Learn how MARINTEK used GLview 3D Visualization API to develop a post-processor for USFOS, a specialist software package for collapse analysis of jackets, top-sides, jack-ups and other intact or damaged frame structures.

MARINTEK is an independent research institute and develops and verifies technology and operating concepts for the shipping, marine equipment, ocean energy and petroleum industries. MARINTEK is a company in the SINTEF Group, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia.  MARINTEK has 200 employees, many with an MSc or a PhD in a relevant discipline, and annual revenues of around NOK 330m.

USFOS is MARINTEK’s software offering in the area of collapse analysis of jackets, top-sides, jack-ups and other frame structures, intact or damaged.  The software accurately simulates the collapse process, from the initial yielding, through to the formation of a complete collapse mechanism and the finale toppling of the structure.

USFOS was developed around year 2000 by MARINTEK and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology through JIPs sponsored by oil companies and engineering consultants.  Key members of the team were Prof. Jørgen Amdahl, Dr. Tore Holmås, Dr. Øyvind Hellan and Dr. Ernst Eberg. 

MARINTEK wanted to extend USFOS with a pre- and post-processor, later to be called Xact, and Ceetron was tasked with the development work.  Xact was built using GLview 3D Visualization API.

World-wide marketing and sales of USFOS is done jointly by MARINTEK and DNV GL Software, part of DNV GL, one of the largest ship classification societies globally, with 400 offices and 16,000 employees worldwide.

Today USFOS licenses are being used by major oil and gas companies and engineering companies working in that field..

For more info about MARINTEK, see www.sintef.no/Home/MARINTEK/.  For more info about USFOS, visit For more information about USFOS, see www.dnvgl.com/services/progressive-collapse-and-accident-analysis-usfos-2277.

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