FAQ sur l’acquisition par TechSoft 3D

Since 1996, Ceetron develops visualization SDKs for CAE applications. We love to produce innovative code in market-driven fashion. Our products have become first-in-class thanks to our fabulous customers and partners. Thank you for your support, your feature requests and yes, for your bug reports too.
Today, we are inviting you to start a new chapter of our common history following the acquisition of Ceetron AS by Tech Soft 3D. Tech Soft 3D is the developer of HOOPS, the market-leading suite of SDKs for engineering applications. Developers use HOOPS SDKs to translate CAD data, as well as visualize and publish 3D content on desktop and web.
Together, we are impatient to explore the opportunities unleashed by the combination of this powerful platform and our own polished technology for CAE data processing and visualization.
In more ways than just technology, Tech Soft 3D and Ceetron have walked on parallel paths. We are delighted to join such a similar team of wonderful people.
Stay tuned, exciting times in sight!

Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of software development tools that help engineering software teams deliver successful applications. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, U.S.A., Tech Soft 3D also has offices in California, France, England, and Japan. The company’s toolkit products power over 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. For more information, visit techsoft3d.com.

Companies using software development toolkits from Tech Soft 3D include industry leaders such as Adobe, Autodesk, Hexagon, Dassault Systèmes, Trimble, 3D Systems, Bentley, ANSYS and more, as well as many exciting start-ups. In fact, many of today’s most respected industry applications partnered with Tech Soft 3D in their start-up phases, including products like SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, ARAS, ANARK, GrabCAD, Synchro and Assemble Systems.
Tech Soft 3D has long been a provider of data access and engineering graphics SDKs to the CAE market, working with partners such as ANSYS, Altair and CD Adapco (Siemens). Ceetron’s market-leading SDKs that are purpose-built for visualization of simulation results (for example, FEA and CFD simulations) expand Tech Soft 3D’s SDK portfolio to better support programmers building next-generation applications for simulation and analysis. Ceetron has been fueling innovation in CAE for 20+ years and Tech Soft 3D is excited to expand its portfolio to better serve its partners in the CAE space, as well as expand the reach of Ceetron technology in the engineering software market.
Tech Soft 3D provides a broad range of engineering-specific software development toolkits. Its HOOPS Product line includes:

  • HOOPS Exchange: The world’s best engineering data access
  • HOOPS Visualize: The gold standard graphics engine for building native engineering applications
  • HOOPS Communicator: The powerful, purpose-built graphics kernel for developing web-based engineering applications
  • HOOPS Publish: The 3D data publishing toolkit for native 3D PDF, HTML and standard CAD formats

Tech Soft 3D has invested heavily in integrating these powerful toolkits, which has a major impact on application performance, into the HOOPS Platform, the HOOPS Native Platform and the HOOPS Web Platform.
Additionally, Tech Soft 3D is the exclusive reseller of Parasolid from Siemens, the world’s leading solid modeling kernel, as well as Polygonica from MachineWorks, which is a robust technology for processing polygon meshes.
Rounding out the portfolio are the AutoCAD and Inventor OEM platforms, which enable developers to create unique applications on top of two of the world’s leading CAD packages, as well as the Tetra 4D line of end-user applications for creating and enriching smart reports using 3D PDF.

Yes, HOOPS Exchange expands the CAD data import capabilities of apps that rely on Ceetron visualization SDKs. Ceetron SDKs are strategically focused on post-processing visualization, and HOOPS SDKs can be used to expand to other CAE work flows.

Tech Soft 3D intends to continue to maintain and support Ceetron’s existing partners that are using its market-leading SDK offerings for CAE.

Sales and technical support for Ceetron products are unchanged. You can continue to reach us through your usual communication channel or contacts us through our web site’s dedicated page.