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Important info: Ceetron updates its standard T&Cs for SDK licensees

Publié par Grim Gjønnes

(24.01.2018) Ceetron has decided to update its standard T&Cs / development license for SDK licensees.  The new T&Cs do not apply to the distribution of derivative works to third-parties, for which a separate distribution license would be required.  The new T&Cs can be found here.  Please note that any existing agreement between a licensee and Ceetron, including negotiated T&Cs and OEM agreements, takes precedence over these standard T&Cs.  
The new standard T&Cs have been introduced to establish clarity about rights and obligations, for licensee and for Ceetron.  The update is generally believed to be licensee-friendly, and a licensee will not as a result of this update lose any rights he or she has already established, for example in the form of an OEM contract or any other legally binding agreement. If you have questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact your Ceetron contact person, or just send an email to info@ceetron.com.