Product for developers

Ceetron Report.

Engineering report generation for CFD & FEA simulations

Ceetron Report Component has been architected for enhancing FEA- and CFD-based CAE offerings with engineering report generation functionality. The component allows end users to create engineering reports directly in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats. The offering is targeted at ISVs creating software for the CAE community, but could also be of relevance for teams writing in-house code.

ceetron report for CFD and FEA simulation

Ceetron Report is provided for ISVs who want to enhance their CAE applications with advanced reporting functionality for document-centric engineering workflows. It is typically used with Ceetron Desktop Components.

Engineering report functionality

For you as software developer, Ceetron Report allows you to enhance your CAE offering with engineering report generation functionality.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats

For your customers, the component will allow them to create engineering reports directly in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats. It facilitates the capturing, organizing and presentation of data; in effect reducing their time spent on error-prone routine work and increasing their time spent on qualified technical analysis.  Interactive 3D content, images, 2D plots, simulation variables (e.g., min, max values), tabular data, and similar data types can easily be included in a report.

Very limited coding

All vendors of CAE software, whether currently basing their offering on Ceetron SDKs or not, can benefit from the Report Component, with very limited coding. If you are already a user of Ceetron Desktop Components, your infrastructure is already in place. If not, Report Component comes with the required programming modules for its hassle-free integration into your CAE offering.

Report Component 1.0 is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and newer.