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Release: You can’t beat home-made – and that applies to software too … Ceetron releases Cloud Components 3.2.0

(07.05.2020) Antibes, France There is of course a lot to say about the sharp turn our lives have taken over the past months. Some “very, very terrible” things have happened, and even if our leaders claim they are doing “a very, very good job” in spite of the “very, very mean media”, some of [...]

Ceetron Roadmap 2020 : it’s all a matter of good taste

(09.03.2020) Sophia Antipolis, France Those of you who follow us on social networks know that a few weeks ago, all of Ceetron gathered in Copenhagen for our 2020 strategy kick-off meeting. We strongly believe that putting all our brains on the table together is the right way to review where we stand and set [...]

Release: About the ups and downs of viral posts. Ceetron releases Cloud Components 3.1.0 AND Desktop Components 3.1.0

(02.03.2020) Sophia Antipolis, France Urgh ! My catch paragraph just went down the drain. A few months ago, “viral” was a positive way to qualify an uncontrollably popular post on social media – or by extension, anything drawing extreme and rapid attention to a large proportion of the planet’s population. Well, “you-know-what” came along [...]

Release: formal proof that Santa is Norwegian. Ceetron releases Analyzer Desktop 1.3.0 AND Cloud Components 3.0.0

(23.12.2019) Norway takes pride in its trolls. They even name companies after them – who doesn’t remember good old Trolltech and its first Qt releases. Not to mention the Pinnochio-faced figurines you will find in any souvenir shop of the country. Everyone equates Norway to Troll-land (and salmon-land and winter olympics-land), but when it [...]

Release: Ceetron Cloud Components 2.14.0 is out

(21.10.19) Moving forward: that’s the only direction Ceetron Cloud Components (C3) is going, inspired by the needs of our growing number of cloud-based customers. This release includes a number of optimizations and bug fixes. I would like to highlight that we record a speed-up of 2 to 5 on display model generation when applying results [...]

Release: Ceetron Desktop Components (aka 3D Components) 3.0 is out

(17.09.2019) Finally.  Ceetron Desktop Components 3.0 was released last night. Desktop Components is on one hand a renaming of Ceetron 3D Components, on the other hand a strong message to the market that Ceetrons continues to support the two major architectural paradigms in CAE, desktop-based and cloud-based, with equal emphasis.  Plus, we support anything [...]

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Release: Ceetron Cloud Components 2.12.0 is out

(22.07.19) Improved result calculators support and now out of preview and a supported feature. Bulk calculation of parts and cutting planes, with region support. Improved element query support. Plus updated file readers and added support for ANSYS 2019R2. These are some of the new features in Cloud Components 2.12.0, released earlier today. For full release notes, see [...]

Release: Ceetron Cloud Components 2.11.0 is out

(12.06.19) I am pleased to inform current and prospective Cloud Components licensees that 2.11.0 was released today and can be downloaded from our download pages. The release contains a number of functional enhancements and big fixes, including: US 974 QueryResultMinMax: Added nodeId and nodeIndex of the min/max item for node and element node results. [...]

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Insight: Ceetron roadmap 2019-2020

(20.03.2019) - Some of our customers, evaluators, and readers have asked about Ceetron's roadmap in various areas.  We did not have a tradition for publishing such info (though Ceetron has always had highly roadmap-centric planning processes).  However, Fredrik Viken, our CTO (on the left), and I have decided to give our readers a peek [...]

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