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Release: Finally, Ceetron Cloud Components 2.2.0

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(19.01.2018) Ceetron released today Ceetron Cloud Components 2.2.0.  The release is based Node 8.x, which means that a server running the Remote Model server needs to be upgraded to Node 8.x.  The build environments have also been upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 for the Linux version, VS2015 for the Windows version and macOS High Sierra for the Mac version.

The new version of C3 can be downloaded from our download area.  On the same page, potential evaluators can request eval keys for the products. 

Release notes can be found here (for new features) and here (for bug fixes).

We generally recommend current and prospective users of Cloud Components and our other SDKs to develop using the latest versions of the SDKs available.