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Benefit areas

Works for your software developers.  Works for your customers. Works for the spreed sheet guys.  

Ceetron’s 3DC is built to give you business advantages your competitors can’t match. It offers for your developers:

  • A dedicated, professionally supported solution. Our success depends on the success of our customers, and we do 3D visualization for a living. So not only have we hired the most gifted 3D visualization engineers in the business; when you need support, they’re the ones who respond.
  • Futureproofing. CAE and scientific processing, with their need for periodic massive increases in computing power, will be in the Cloud soon. Our architecture lets you seamlessly leverage the strengths, and avoid the costs, of this new world.

It offers for your customers;‚Äč

  • High performance, real-time collaboration across departments and sites. Because 3DC puts all heavyweight “solutions processing” on servers, teams can interact with lightweight visualizations on low-cost phones and pads. It lets your most talented engineers interact with the largest models and most important projects, no matter where they are.
  • Server-side cost avoidance. With 3DC, more precision does not equal more cost. Its segregated architecture lets you rent power instead of buying it outright. A simple <link>Net Present Value analysis</link> shows the advantages to you.
  • Superb visual quality. 3DC was built for Big 3D. It provides a lag-free interactive experience on even the most gigantic models (10^7 finite elements, 10^6 geometry parts), with the most sophisticated shading, multiple viewports, and multiple camera angles.

Professional support.  No Cloud anxiety.  Fast collaboration. Avoided costs.  Superb interactivity. Should work out for the spreadsheet guys, yours and your customers'.

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