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Ceetron Analyzer Desktop (public preview)

Ceetron Analyzer Desktop is an all-in-one solution to the multi-solver post-processing needs of the general simulation engineer working desktop-centric: native reading of all major solver formats, FEA and CFD; high performance; stunning visual quality; Python interface for scripting and extensibility; and direct model sharing in the cloud. Analyzer has superfast rendering, advanced techniques for high quality visualzations such as transparency, textures, lighting and material settings. It has a super easy to use interface but still offering all the features a proper CAE engineer would need to undertand his/her simulation results.

Ceetron Analyzer supports the following CAE file formats:
  • file import
    • support for multiple result databases
    • support for geometry and results in separate files
    • Ceetron VTF/VTFx format (XML, zip, encryptable, and ASCII or binary)
    • in-house formats (customized import filters required)
  • supported file readers:
    • ABAQUS
    • ANSYS
    • CGNS data base
    • FEMAP
    • FLUENT
    • IDEAS NX Series
    • LS-DYNA
    • MARC
    • OpenFOAM
    • PTC
    • VTU
  • file export
    • one-click-sharing with the built-in send to cloud feature
    • export to VTF and VTFx file format for viewing with Ceetron 3D Viewer and the Ceetron 3D Plugin
    • STL
    • various still image formats (BMP (Windows), JPG, PNG, EPS, GIF and TIFF and others)

Ceetron Analyzer Desktop is currently in release status public preview.
Ceetron Analyzer Desktop (public preview)