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Release notes

Release: GLview Inova 10.0, released on 01.12.2015
New features

  • Updated third party file readers with new features and bug fixes, which includes:
    • Support for ANSYS 17
    • Support for ABAQUS 6.14 in the Windows version
  • Upload models to Ceetron Cloud
  • GLview Express has been replaced by Ceetron 3D Viewer
  • GLview 3D Plugin has been replaced by Ceetron 3D Plugin (Windows version)
  • Rubberband selection of parts
  • The RedHat version is now built with RedHat 6.6
  • Added support for global custom tools
  • Added support for annotated contour lines
  • Added support for isovolumes


Bug fixes (not complete)

  • Made sure that displacement scaling is correct for cases appended to a VTFx file that contains cases with the same database
  • Fixed bug with multiple cross sections in each element block
  • Fixed problem with relative displacement values and ID mapping from VTF files
  • Fixed bugs related to result position result ("Element Results")