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Vendor deamons for GLview Inova 10.0.2

Windows (32/64bit) 
RedHat Linux 6.6 (64 bit)
RedHat Linux 5.7 (64 bit) 

Installation Guide

License management  

Version 10.0 of GLview Inova uses FlexNet Publisher.


Two different types of licenses are available: 
  1. Node locked license. With this type of license, one seat for GLview Inova is limited to be used on one specific computer. This type of license does not require a license server to be available and is a good option for users that need to have GLview Inova available when the computer is not connected to the company network.
  2. Floating license. With this type of license, one or more seats for GLview Inova is made available to a group of users by setting up a license server - any computer that can communicate with the license server will be able to request a seat for GLview Inova. The number of concurrent users will be limited by the number of seats that are available in the license file.


For all types of licenses, technical information of the computer that will manage the license is required. The following is required:

  1. Node locked license. Host ID of the computer running GLview Inova
  2. Floating license. Host name or IP address and Host ID of the computer running the FlexNet license server

The Host ID of a computer is the MAC address of the (main) network card on the computer. If GLview Inova version 10.x is already installed on the computer, the Start-menu entry "Host ID for GLview Inova licenses..." will extract this information for you. 

Please send us the requested information by e-mail to [email protected] and we will issue a license file.