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Functional overview

GLview Inova is a post-processor for visualization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of FEA and CFD data.

  • Post-processing features for both structural mechanics and fluid dynamics

  • Support for very large models

  • Support for the free viewers Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron 3D Plugin for MS Office

  • Support for the powerful VTFx file format

  • Very fast graphics, utilizing state-of-the-art graphics hardware for both single state inspection and animation

  • Support for multiple databases and views

  • Superimpose one view on another

  • Excellent model and results overview

  • Extensive set handling, including user defined sets

  • Interactive animations

  • Advanced feature extractions (cut planes, isovolumes, isosurfaces, particle traces)

  • Powerful 2D Plotting

  • Model queries (find/picking)

  • Model annotations (result value, coordinate, text, distance and angle)

  • Scripting functionality

  • Saving and loading of workspace

  • User defined legends

  • Support for Windows and Linux on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms  ​

  • Direct file interfaces

    Direct import interfaces to major CAE software systems, including:




  • I-DEAS

  • MSC.Marc

  • MSC.Nastran

  • NE/Nastran

  • NX Nastran



  • CGNS

  • FLUENT  ​



    Integration with in-house codes

    Integration of Glview Inova with in-house codes can easily be done in one of two ways:

    Through Export to the VTF or VTFx format, as done in the following applications:

    • Alsim by IFE

    • CAEFEM by Concurrent Analysis Corporation

    • Fedem by Fedem Technology AS

    • Octopus by Amarcon BV

    • Vista by SINTEF, and

    • WindSim by WindSim AS

    or by creating a direct reader in GLview Inova (as done for Forge by Transvalor S.A.)



    Additional options

  • Support for stereo projection

  • Remote visualization server application

  • Customization to meet special needs

  • Post-processing features for both structural mechanics and fluid dynamics

  • Updated