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Ceetron Cloud

Want to share your simulation results with your engineering peers, inside or outside your organization, in your preferred browser, without plug-ins, on any device? Ceetron Cloud: cloud-based storage of CAE models, for collaboration, speed and size.

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Share with your CAE peers, just like Dropbox

Look for the 'send to cloud' button in your Ceetron product.  Press button to upload your engineering model, receive link, share with your peers.  It is this simple (and just like Dropbox, but for CAE professionals). 

Store your engineering models in the cloud, fully secure

Create your own account with 20 models / 2GB storage, for free. If you want additional storage, upgrade to Ceetron Cloud Premium, for Euro 9.99 per month*.  Or contact us for an Enterprise subscription.

For more information about Ceetron Cloud security architecture, click here.

View your 3D models in your preferred browser

You can then view your 3D models in your preferred browser, no installation required, no plugin, only premium performance.

Courtesy of Transvalor, we have created a demo that allows you to test the process.  Just click on the button below, view model in your browser, do a copy and paste of the URL and send URL to your colleague.

Demo concept

Ceetron Cloud