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CAE user zone

Collaboration.  Sharing of information across organizational boundaries, on any device.  Plug-in free viewing in your preferred browser.  Open standards.  Free or low-cost cloud storage.  Free viewers.

When you use Ceetron’s free viewers for CFD and FEA, you get two things no other company can deliver. The ability:

  1. To collaborate with your engineering peers in real time, across organizational or geographic boundaries, on data from any discipline, on any device, in your preferred browser.

  2. To stop wasting time trying to do the above with sub-par software.

Ceetron's free viewers, using the industry-standard VTFx file format, give you all the functionality you’d expect from a proprietary viewer. But they’re not proprietary. No licenses. No configuration. Just the ability to visualize and interact with very large data sets with teammates all over the globe.

What is VTFx‚Äč

Tens of thousands of CAE professionals benefit from Ceetron end user software on a regular basis. If your preferred CAE software package does not support export to VTFx, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.