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Add-On: Ceetron Import

Ceetron Import Component is an add-on to Ceetron 3D Components offering a high-level data interface to major CAE software tools on the market. Models and results from commercial CAE simulators can be imported into your visualization environment for comparison or as a basis for further computation.

The major benefit of Ceetron Import is its uniformity: standard FEA and CFD formats are imported into your application all in the same way – no need for specific source code to handle each format. Indeed, Ceetron Import has a uniform data model, designed from the start to work with the UnstructGrid and Geometry components provided in 3D Components.

Hence, Ceetron Import can map its uniform data model onto the data structure of all input and results data files.

In other words, you can use Import’s high-level data interface to automatically import models and results from any major commercial CAE simulator, without custom code.

Key benefits 

  • Easy loading: Import’s uniform data model makes it simple to bring different data types into your applications.

  • “Black Box” data interfaces: Ceetron Import lets you put data interfaces with third-party tools into your applications without worrying about interface specifics.

  • “Short code” data interfaces: In other environments, writing data interfaces to applications like ABAQUS, Ansys, and NASTRAN is a non-trivial task. With Ceetron Import, you can load data from all major CAE vendors by writing just a few lines of code.

  • Side-by-side, simplified: Developers have wrestled with the problem of importing data for side-by-side comparisons for years. Import lets you obviate the entire issue. You import data from any major external simulator, and perform the necessary computations. You can then compare and contrast the results within your own application.

  • One interface: Writing code to import data in proprietary formats is a great way to waste time. Ceetron Import makes the whole effort unnecessary. It offers one single, consistent interface to simulation data from all major formats. No custom code, no inconsistent protocols, just one interface to whatever finite element data you need.

  • Professional maintenance: With Import, you don’t have to worry about format changes. It’s Ceetron’s job to keep all the file readers up-to-date, no matter how many times CAE vendors decide to “format differently”.

Add-On: Ceetron Import