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Ceetron Export

Ceetron Export is a standalone software development kit for the easy export of CAE models and results to VTFx files, providing a short route to 3D visualization, post-processing and sharing of virtually any CAE data. The compact and efficient VTFx file format is supported by all Ceetron products, including Ceetron 3D Viewer, Ceetron 3D Plugin For Microsoft Office and Ceetron Cloud.

Already have a visualization platform in your CAE application? Don’t have access to the source code of the CAE package you use?

You know Ceetron 3D Components would umpf your visualization in many ways, but for some reason you can’t fit them in you workflow: others are not as enthusiastic as you are, there is not enough workforce to integrate them in-house, or not enough financial resources to rely on us to do the job…

Don’t worry. Whatever the reason, you can still connect your 3D models and results to our technology and benefit from:

  • our free (yes, free) viewer offer – Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron Plugin for MS Office

  • our instant model sharing platform in the cloud : Ceetron Cloud.

How would you go about achieving this? Well, at Ceetron, we have developed a specific development kit for these situations: Ceetron Export.

With Ceetron Export – and nothing else – it is child’s play to write VTFx files to convey any CAE model and results. And once you have VTFx files, you join the system: free viewing and cloud sharing become a reality to you.

Key benefits

  • Collaboration: Exporting your CAE models using Ceetron Export instantly opens the door to efficient and cost-effective collaboration: communicate your models and results to users of our free visualization offers (Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office), or share your model and results on Ceetron Cloud, making them accessible anywhere to anyone you invite to share through a simple web browser.

  • Cloud: Best of all, Ceetron Export now comes with a 'send to cloud' button that allows your users to store 3D models in the cloud, and use the returned URL to share them. Just like Dropbox, just for CAE​ Professionals. And of course free (one account included; for multiple accounts, one needs Ceetron Cloud OEM).

  • An “Acrobat” for FEA/CFD: Export can extract parts and simulation results from a model, and store them in one protected VTFx file. which is usually a fraction of the size of the original database

  • Internal archiving: Ceetron Export is also an efficient means to store simulation results through the VTFx format. This becomes, in effect, a disk usage-efficient internal project archiving system.

  • Communication  and promotions: Using the Ceetron 3D Plugin For Microsoft Office, you can enhance your Word documents and Powerpoint presentation with fully interactive 3D models, at a very low cost.
Ceetron Export