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Ceetron Cloud Components

Want to build a 3D visualization solutions for your cloud-based CAE application? Something that can be delivered in months, not years. Something with the performance of a desktop application? Something browser-based (and no plugin, no installation)? Ceetron Cloud Components is a set of software components for creating cloud-based high-performance visualization solutions for cloud-based solvers and CAE model repositories.

Cloud Components has been created to respond to today's cloudification imperative in CAE.  It offers an uncompromising path to premium 3D visualization performance for cloud-based CAE applications, whether starting from scratch or migrating an existing desktop-based solution.  

Cloud Components has been built on top of 3D Components from Ceetron, our 3D visualization platform for heavy 3D lifting in CAE.

Server-side requirements are: node.js and socket.io.  Client-side requirements are: WebGL and socket.io.  Here is the architecture:

We believe it is simply the best way to deliver 3D visual content to your clients: No installation, no plug in, just stellar visualization performance in the client's preferred browser.  .

Cloud Components is delivered with several example applications with full source code to reduce the time to get up and running with a 3D visualization solution for your CAE application.

Ceetron Cloud Components