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Ceetron’s CAE visualization SDKs: Saving software development time, increasing software quality, and creating brilliant and scalable visualization solutions for desktop or cloud-based CAE offerings.

Over the last 20 years, Ceetron’s visualization SDKs for CAE applications have been developed with the above three objectives in mind.  We started out with desktop offerings, which means that our SDKs for desktop have been battle-hardened through two decades of thorough use by expert developers at some of the world’s most demanding CAE vendors. 

We were also first on the market with a WebGL-based visualization SDK for development of high-performance, cloud-based CAE apps, which means that we understand the cloud better than most.

Yes, the two spaces differ, in terms of our offerings and technology environments:

Target platform
Core offering
3D Components Cloud Components
Ceetron Import
Ceetron Export
Ceetron Report

Ceetron Import
Ceetron Export/Share
Ceetron Report
(coming late 2017)






Providing offerings in both spaces proves our hell-bent dedication to creating SDKs that save development time, increase software quality, and allow our customers to create high-performance and scalable 3D visualization solutions.  To be specific:

  1. Our SDKs eliminate 75 percent of your workload required to creating CAE graphical user interfaces, right off the bat. Instead of having to build your own visualization system, you get a purpose-built, professionally-maintained and updated platform for geometry and results representation that works seamlessly in all major development environments, and that opens the way to collaboration and reporting with no extra effort.
  2. You work quicker, because you can focus on the core of your product: the physics and numerics of the solver, as well as the user experience.
  3. Support is near-instantaneous. When you need help, you get it straight from the source, a senior Ceetron developer, not from a junior sales guy.
  4. Project timelines are shorter. Our developer products include source-code demo applications that serve as excellent starting points for new CAE interfaces.
  5. Best of all: You can stay within your preferred development environment including .NET, Qt, Python, wxWidgets, MFC, and native Win32 on the desktop side; Typescript/JavaScript and the UI toolkit of choice (e.g., Angular, React, JQuery) on the cloud side.

At the end of the day:

You produce more, faster, better, in your preferred development environment.

Your customers get the very best, latency-free interactive visualization experience in the business, whether on the desktop or in the cloud.