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Summary of the SPE-Conference

Published by Ceetron

Ceetron participated in the international conference "Mathematical Methods - Fluid Dynamics and Simulation of Giant Oil and Gas Reservoirs.” The conference was hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and took place in Istanbul September 3-5, 2012.

IMG_0370-2Ceetron presented the paper "Improving visualization of large scale reservoir models" during the session "Large Scale Data Reduction/Compression, Mining and Visualization". The paper was authored by Stein Dale and Magne Sjaastad of Ceetron as well as Håkon Høgstøl and Alf B. Rustad of Statoil. The article draws on the solutions and experiences gained during the joint research project "ResInsight" with Statoil. Topics addressed were novel visualization techniques for effective interpretation of reservoir models with faults and wells, integration with GNU Octave for user defined calculations and data manipulation, performance optimizations, and perspectives on the further development of the ResInsight project.

The presentation drew a lot of attention from conference participants. Subsequent questions and discussions concerned model sizes, statistics and uncertainty measures, consideration of large number of cases, use of unstructured grids, and volumetric data visualization. All feedback will be discussed with Statoil as part of the planning of future development activities. However, the needs of the various oil companies vary a lot. For instance, Saudi Aramco which operates gigantic oil fields up to 25 times the size of Statfjord, raised a need for visualization of reservoir models that span hundreds of millions of cells.

IMG_0373The conference gathered some 150 specialists in the areas covered and addressed a long range of subjects relating to computing, simulation, and visualization of oil and gas reservoirs.  Presentations and discussions gave Ceetron increased knowledge in the field and in the R&D of leading players in the oil and gas industry.