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Release: Ceetron releases the Import Component, for use with 3D Components

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(14.05.2015) Ceetron released today Ceetron Import Component, a software development kit for import of data from major FEA-based and CFD-based simulators on the market (like Abaqus, ANSYS, and NASTRAN, and many more). The Import Component allows our customers to import models and results directly from such simulators into their 3D Components-based visualization environment, with just a few lines of code, for visualization, comparison with other data, or as a basis for further computations.

For a video tutorial about developing a full-featured post-processor using the Import Component in just 45 minutes,see https://youtu.be/U6dHkUN_2zM.

By using the Import Component, all the different CAE data formats can be handled in a uniform way in one's application, and there is no need for format-specific code to handle the various formats. Which for our customers means less coding, less use of third-party point solutions, more reuse across formats, and no need to worry about new versions from your preferred CAE vendors. Ultimately these benefits translate into shorter time to market, higher code quality, more effective use of your technical experts, and generally less hassle.

Try it out by downloading an evaluation version of 3D Components, at www.ceetron.com/download.