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New versions of Ceetron's free 3D viewers available: you should upgrade

Published by Grim Gjønnes

Ceetron released today new versions of Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron 3D Plugin for MS Office. They are essentially new and improved versions of GLview Express and GLview 3D Plugin, respectively, and represent third-generation viewer technology from Ceetron. 

The new releases offer significantly better performance for large models, improved visual quality and a number of other improvements when compared to our second-generation products.

The viewers are as always free.  We encourage our existing user to download the new versions at https://ceetron.com/download, using their existing login credentials.

Ceetron 3D Viewer is a free, stand-alone interactive 3D viewer for presentation and distribution of 3D models and results from FEA or CFD analyses.  It is available on Windows and Linux platforms, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures on Windows and 64 bit on Linux.

Ceetron 3D Plugin for MS Office is a free 3D viewing component for presentation of FEA or CFD analysis data in MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents. 

Both products work with FEA and CFD models exported in the proprietary Ceetron VTFx format.  Both products can be downloaded from https://ceetron.com/download, free of charge.   Some test models available at https://ceetron.com/coolmodels. In case you would like to test the 3D viewers using you own CAE data, you can use GLview Inova to convert your data from e.g. Abaqus, Ansys, Nastran, etc. formats into VTFx format.

Do not hesitate to contact sales@ceetron.com for a discussion about how Ceetron's 3D visualization products can help you and your colleagues visualize your FEA or CFD models.