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Solution partners

Our solution partners provide product or service offerings that can be combined with Ceetron's software products, whether as building block, complementary solution, or on top of.

ANSYS (complementary solutions)

Ceetron is a software partner of ANSYS Inc., and is cooperating on both the marketing and technical side to provide GLview Inova and ANSYS users with a good link between these programs.  

Ceetron Solutions (services provider)

Ceetron is a vendor of technology to Ceetron Solutions AS. Ceetron Solutions specializes in customized visualization solutions for industrial customers.

 ceetron solutions 

Flow Science(complementary solutions)

Ceetron is cooperating with Flow Science, Inc. to provide a direct file interface for FLOW-3D files in GLview Inova. Flow Science provides Ceetron with source code for the file reader with updates and support for the implementation. The cooperation enables Ceetron to offer their general purpose post-processing tool and the market's best collaboration and presentation tools to FLOW-3D users


Simulia, Dassault Systèmes (complementary solutions)

Ceetron is a software partner of SIMULIA through an interface development agreement for use of the Abaqus/Viewer program. The agreement grants Ceetron access to the ABAQUS development libraries for further development of the ABAQUS direct file reader to GLview Inova. This partnership enables Ceetron to offer a complete solution to ABAQUS users through support of the different file formats; .fil, .odb and time history data in GLview Inova.