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Webinar : Advanced post-processing of simulation results using Python

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(14.05.2017) In this webinar at 16:00 on May 18, Andres Rodriguez-Villa will show how to use the Python interface of Ceetron 3D Components to open a simulation result database, create new user-defined results and share them in the Cloud.  The seminar will be held in French.  We will probably arrange same seminar in English at a later point in time.


The webinar will start with a short presentation of the Ceetron 3D Components platform, with special care given to its integration in CAE workflows, both for the visual analysis of result and their advanced processing using scripts.

Andres will then briefly explain how a Python interface is added to a C++ API, combining the power of the latter and the easy access of the world’s most popular scripting language.

The main course of the session will consist in an example of advanced post-processing of the results of an industry-standard solver. Andres will implement a Python script that opens a result database in its native format and imports it in the generic data structure of 3D Components. Having made the results available to processing, a few user-defined derived results will be computed and added to the data structure. This augmented model will be exported to a file for further visual analysis and collaboration in the Cloud.

The concluding words of the webinar wil focus on the road ahead for the Python interface of Ceetron 3D Components.

A single session is planned initially, it will be held live and questions from the audience will of course gladly be answered.

Date and time: Thursday 18.05.2017 at 16:00. The session will last 40 minutes approximately.

Cost: Free.

Who should attend: CAE engineers concerned by visualization and advanced post-processing of finite element results, especially in a multi-software environment.

Prerequistes: minimal skills in scripted or compiled language development, most noticeably Python

About the speaker: Andres is Senior Developer at Ceetron. He is responsible for most the Python-interfacing of 3D Components. His experience in simulation software development makes him the most enthusiastic supporter of this technology for advanced post-processing of results. He holds an M. Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineer (UCL, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium) and a Ph.D. in Science and Material Engineering (Ecole des Mines de Paris, Sophia Antipolis, France).