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Release: Ceetron releases beta of Ceetron Cloud Components

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(07.06.2016) At NAFEMS US in Seattle today, Ceetron announced the beta release of Ceetron Cloud Components.  Cloud Components is an SDK for building cloud-based 3D visualization solutions for CFD and FEA data.

Cloud Components is targeted at CAE software providers and organizations doing serious in-house development of CAE applications. It works for established players having desktop-based software and planning to move it to the cloud, as well as for newcomers going cloud-based from day one.

Ceetron does have in place a beta program for C3. For capacity reasons, it will be opened up for a limited number of qualified companies on a first come, first served basis.  Interested companies may contact Ceetron at https://ceetron.com/lets-talk-contact-form.

GA release for Cloud Components is scheduled for 05.09.2016.  For more information about Cloud Components, see https://ceetron.com/developer-zone/products-2/ceetron-cloud-components.