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Release: Ceetron 3D Components 1.2.0 is out

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(09.12.2015) Ceetron is pleased to inform current and prospective customers in the CAE community about today's release of 3D Components 1.2.0.  The release comes with send to cloud feature, multi-core optimization, and support for VS2015.

3D Components is a development toolkit for 3D graphics. It has been optimized for FEA and CFD models and results, and aims at software developers within CAE, science and engineering.  3D Components is used by leading  providers of solvers and simulators for the CAE community, including DNV GL, Transvalor, and Autodesk.  

The new release of 3D Components include the following features and improvements:

  • a send to cloud feature*
  • multi-core optimization for UnstructGrid component, including parallel execution of feature extraction (cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes, and particle traces) on multiple cores and parallel sorting of the rendering queue
  • thread safe use of smart pointers
  • support for VS2015, 32 bit and 64 bit
  • updated ImportCAE file readers with new features and bug fixes, including support for ANSYS 17and Abaqus 6.14
  • new readers for VTK (.vtu) and Paraview (.pvd) data files
  • various other improvements and bug fixes

*) Ceetron Cloud enables an end user to send his or her CAE models to the cloud, securely, and for subsequent viewing and sharing from the cloud. Think of it as Dropbox, but for CAE professionals. Support for Ceetron Cloud in 3D Components allows for generation and uploading of VTFx files directly to Ceetron Cloud, thereby allowing you to add a Send-To-Cloud button in your app to provide a one-click-sharing experience to your end users. The Send-to-Cloud feature can also be used with a private cloud as an alternative to Ceetron Cloud.  A topic describing Ceetron Cloud integration has been added to the documentation.  Ceetron Cloud integration has also been added to the Qt and .NET DemoApp.  

The new release of 3D Components can be downloaded from our developer download page https://ceetron.com/developer-zone/download.  

We encourage our customers and evaluators to always stay on latest version of the software.   In case you are a current evaluator of 3D Components, and if your eval key has expired, feel free to go to the download page and request a new eval key, by clicking on ‘request evaluation key’.