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Release: 3D Components 2.1.0 is shipping

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(01.05.2018) Ceetron 3D Components 2.1.0 has been released. The release contains a number of improvements and fixes, including optimized display model generation; for Qt developers: added support for using ANGLE/MESA renderers (e.g., for remote desktop); optimization of isovolume calculations; optimization of mode shape animation; and replacement of DataSourceLinearCombination with StateLinearCombination (much leaner and faster).

3D Components is a development toolkit for 3D visualization of CAE data. It has been optimized for FEA and CFD models and results, and is targeted at software developers within CAE, science and engineering. 3D Components is used by leading  providers of solvers and simulators for the CAE community, including DNV GL, Transvalor, and Autodesk. 

For detailed specification of new features in this release, see https://ceetron.com/media/products/3d-components/release-notes-features.pdf.

The new release of 3D Components can be downloaded from our developer download page https://ceetron.com/developer-zone/download.

We encourage our customers and evaluators to always stay on latest version of the software. In case you are a current evaluator of 3D Components, and if your eval key has expired, feel free to go to the download page and request a new eval key, by clicking on ‘request evaluation key’.