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New offering: Cloud Components on Docker

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(21.12.2016) Ceetron is happy to inform current and prospective customers about our new now offering: Cloud Components as Docker containers. Docker containers can be deployed on all infrastructures on which Docker can be installed, ranging from one's local machine (Win/OSX/Linux), to public cloud infrastructures like AWS and MS Azure. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by the way to all our friends in the CAE and software development communities.
The offering is targeted at OEMs and CAE end users wanting to develop 3D visualization web apps for CFD or FEA data using Cloud Components, without worrying about the complexity and hassle related to setting up full server-side stack, with all its dependencies.  Or wanting to move the full Cloud Components stack from one's private desktop, to an internal server, to a public cloud infrastructure--as one's new 3D visualization app grows from pretty experimental, to release-ready and to epic user loads.

For more about containers and the Docker technology, read here.  For more about the Cloud Components docker read here (on Docker's site) or here (on Ceetron's site)