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Ceetron announces GLview Report Builder 1.0

Published by Ceetron

Build your simulation reports containing full 3D information directly in MS Word and MS Powerpoint. Try out the latest technology today!

Ceetron is proud to announce a new product for building reports directly from CAE simulations, GLview Report Builder. GLview Report Builder is an interactive reporting tool that makes it easy for the simulation engineer to capture data when it is found, directly from his or her favorite pre- or post-processor. The GLview Report Builder collects and organizes all data in one place, and creates reports by the click of one button in MS Word, MS PowerPoint and PDF from the same source.

20-45 % of the time consumption in CAE projects is typically spent on interpretation and reporting of results. The GLview Report Builder facilitates capturing, organizing and presentation of data; reducing a time-consuming necessity to a minimum. By utilizing the GLview Report Builder, the simulation engineer will not only be able to produce better reports. A conservative estimate shows that he or she will save time equivalent to the cost of one Report Builder license in less than 6 months.

GLview Report Builder comes in two versions, an end user application for simulation engineers in the CAE industry, and a Software Development Kit targeted at software developers providing simulation software for the CAE industry.

The End User Application

Using the powerful combination of GLview Inova and GLview Report Builder, simulation reports can easily be created – directly in MS Office formats. GLview Inova is used to interpret the simulation results and to produce content for the report. Report content is transferred to a report repository at the touch of a button. GLview Report Builder utilizes MS Office documents as templates to build complete reports, using the content available in the report repository. Comprehensive MS Word documents and MS PowerPoint presentations are produced in no time.

The Software Development Kit

All providers of CAE software can benefit from the advantages of GLview Report Builder by offering it as an integrated feature in their own software. The GLview Report Builder SDK makes the integration straight forward. The SDK includes a fully documented interface that can be used between any pre- or post-processor and the GLview Report Builder application. A complete set of examples and tutorials are included in the documentation. Integration services are available from Ceetron AS.

Include interactive 3D content in reports

With GLview Report Builder, 3D content can easily be included in MS Office documents. The engineer can explore the model and the results in full 3D, providing increased understanding and more data readily available. Including 3D content in the report reduces the need for multiple images and videos, adding flexibility and the ability to answer ad-hoc questions.

GLview Report Builder is created in compliance with industry standards, and enables the utilization of company document templates for layout and formatting of reports, such as existing MS Word or MS PowerPoint templates. It exports output to the native file format of the software tool used to write and finalize reports, e.g. *.docx,*.pptx, *.odf, *.html, *.txt. Converting to PDF is straight forward.

For further information, please download the product brochure.