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3D visualization solutions for industry and science, based on 20 years of FEA and CFD insight

Oil and gas, materials forming, shipbuilding, automotive.  These are the kind of industries that have historically leveraged CFD and / or FEA to optimize their designs and their processes.  
These are also the kind of industries that have non-trivial challenges in the area of visualizing engineering simulations results, say pressure, temperature, or stresses, in 3D, as function of time, and on multiple temporal and spatial scales.  The Ceetron type of industries.



Whether you are a car manufacturer, a design house, or a provider of CAE tools, probability is high that you or some of your colleagues are already using Ceetron technology.  BMW, Jaguar, and Autodesk are.  Read more


Oil and gas

Ceetron grew up with projects for companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, one of the harshest environments for oil exploration, but also a global breeding ground for advanced technology.  Our customer list in this industry range from the very small like Migris, to the very large, like Statoil.  Read more