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SIMULIA - Dassault Systèmes, France: TOSCA and VTFx

Learn how SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes is using GLview Express Writer as a low-cost model checking and results visualization solution for TOSCA, a software package for topology and shape optimization.

SIMULIA is a leading provider of software for finite element analysis.  It is part of of Dassault Systemès, a technology company HQed in France with 12 400 employees, around 190 000 customers, 3 500 partners, and annual revenues of Euro 2,3b.

TOSCA from SIMULIA is a software package for non-parametric structural optimization. Topology and shape optimization of FE models with an arbitrary number of load cases and boundary conditions can be performed.  A parametrization of the model is not needed, which reduces the modelling effort and allows greater flexibility in the optimized structure. The optimization algorithms are based on mechanical optimality criteria. 

TOSCA was originally developed by FE-Design, Germany, which was acquired by Dassault Systemès in 2013.  TOSCA did not come with a post-processor, but could output results to various formats used in the industry, such as MSC.Patran, FEMAP, ABAQUS, and others.  To give users a low-cost and hassle-free visualization alternative for model checking and results verification, FE-Design had decided by  2006 to extend TOSCA with GLview Express Writer, for writing VTFx files.  These VTFx files could then be visualized in Ceetron’s free viewers, 3D Viewer and 3D Plugin for MS Office as well as in Tosca Structure.view, a customized version of the Ceetron 3D Viewer with branding and some additional functionality (e.g. access to GLview Reporter and custom 2D plotting).

The rest is history, and from an end-user perspective, this functionality simplifies what would have been a complex and error-prone workflow: upon completion of the simulation cycle, the output is exported to VTFx, and inspected in 3D Viewer.  The VTFx file can also be shared with colleagues, management, vendors, and clients, again using 3D Viewer free of charge.  

Fore more information about SIMULIA, visit www.3ds.com/products-services/simulia/

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