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Migris, Norway: Migri

Learn how Migris developed simultaneous simulation and visualization of hydrocarbon migration at geologic timescales integrated with seismic data visualization using GLview 3D Visualization API.

Migris AS was founded in 2005 and is located in Trondheim, Norway.  The company delivers the software package Migri for simulation of hydrocarbon migration for exploration of risk analysis.  Migri combines models of hydrocarbon migration at geologic timescales with seismic data visualization, and is used by oil companies. 

The use of migration modelling techniques in the risk analysis of exploration prospects can help describe and reduce geological and economic uncertainties before drilling exploration wells. Migri uses new risk assessment techniques, combining Monte Carlo and migration modelling. The underlying idea is to perform simulations at seismic resolution with complex geometry while retaining interactivity to allow for high turn-around of analysis results. The visualization solution is integrated with the simulator in a Simultaneous Simulation and Visualization (SSV) scheme. This allows exploration geologists to run many alternative simulation scenarios in hours, rather than weeks.

Migris started its collaboration with Ceetron in 2007 and has historically sourced much of the GUI and 3D graphics development work from Ceetron.

In 2016, Migri will be upgraded with graphics from Ceetron’s 3rd generation visualization platform, Ceetron 3D Components including support for web-based 3D model sharing. 

Said Øyvind Sylta, CEO of Migris AS: "The long-term support of Ceetron on the use of their 3D Visualization API has been vital for Migris. This has allowed us to concentrate on our business case, which is to provide critical decision support systems to oil exploration companies. Delivering world class petroleum systems modelling technology could only be done by fully utilising 3D visualisation technologies."

For more information about MIgris, visit www.migris,no,

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