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Ceetron: How we architected 3D Viewer PRO for Cloud based on Cloud Components

Learn how Ceetron built a full-featured cloud-based generic CAE post-processor with Cloud Components in three months.

We thought it could be interesting for potential users of our Cloud Components SDK to learn how Ceetron architected its 3D Viewer PRO for Cloud generic post-processor, as inspiration for creating high-performance 3D visualization in the cloud with the Cloud Components SDK.

Ceetron targets its offering on the OEM part of the CAE market, meaning on creating 3D visualization technologies for use by CAE software providers.  However, Ceetron has always had a strong presence within the end user market both through its free viewers and through GLview Inova, the latter having been a workhorse for the CAE community for many years.  In addition, it was felt that a generic full-featured post-processor built with Cloud Components would constitute a natural technology demonstrator for Cloud Components, and, if delivered as source code, would lower the threshold for creating high-quality CAE applications with Cloud Components.  And so it come into being.

The development effort was headed by Ceetron’s CTO, Fredrik Viken.  A team of two developers developed the post-processor in three months, working part time on the project.  The development work followed an agile development process with extensive use of prototypes. The development team kept strictly to specification, which resulted in strict focus and good progress.

The post-processor will be made available to the market in 2016.

Here is what Fredrik said about the development effort: “Building a full-fledged CAE post-processor for the cloud in six months / 4-6 man months is pretty ambitious.  Besides, I am probably biased here as CTO of Ceetron.   But fact is, we got first prototype up and running in two weeks, and we had a customer-ready demonstrator up and running in three months.  We believe that our experience is transferable to many customer projects, and that the time for creating a full-footprint visualization application with Cloud Components for mostly any CAE simulator should be measured in calendar months, not calendar years.”

If you want to learn more about how Ceetron built 3D Viewer PRO for Cloud, feel free to contact Fredrik directly, at Fredrik.viken@ceetron.com.