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Case studies

Many software vendors in the CAE community are already using 3D visualization technology from Ceetron. These vendors span across application- and industry domains and vary in size from SMEs to key players in the CAE software industry. Some of them have shared with us their experience of working with Ceetron. Learn from other vendors in your industry.  Enjoy!


  • Autodesk Simulation CFD

    Autodesk Simulation CFD

    Learn how Autodesk used Ceetron 3D Components to build a post-processor for Simulation CFD.

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  • DNV GL

    DNV GL

    Learn how Ceetron helped DNV GL create a post-processor for market-leading SESAM software package for hydrodynamic and structural analyses using GLview 3D Visualization API

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  • Transvalor


    Learn how Transvalor used Ceetron 3D Components to futureproof its investments in Forge—a category leader in software for materials forming simulations.

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  • Migris


    Learn how Migris developed simultaneous simulation and visualization of hydrocarbon migration at geologic timescales integrated with seismic data visualization using GLview 3D Visualization API.

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  • Fraunhofer SCAI

    Fraunhofer SCAI

    Learn how Franhofer SCAI used GLview API from Ceetron to extend its market-leading solution for multi-physics with advanced visualization capabilities.

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  • T-Systems


    Learn how T-Systems, Germany has used GLview Express Writer to export analysis results from MEDINA in the VTFx format to in order to share them using Ceetron’s free 3D viewers.

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  • Statoil


    Learn how GLview 3D Visualization API was used as the core graphics engine for simulating complex marine operations, such as lifting, installation of flexible risers, and pipe laying.

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    Learn how MARINTEK used GLview 3D Visualization API to develop a post-processor for USFOS, a specialist software package for collapse analysis of jackets, top-sides, jack-ups and other intact or damaged frame structures.

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  • SIMULIA - Dassault Systèmes

    SIMULIA - Dassault Systèmes

    Learn how SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes is using GLview Express Writer as a low-cost model checking and results visualization solution for TOSCA, a software package for topology and shape optimization.

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  • 3D Viewer PRO

    3D Viewer PRO

    Learn how Ceetron built a full-featured cloud-based generic CAE post-processor with Cloud Components in three months.

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